Ignorance May Be Bliss. But We Must Destroy It.

It is inevitable that there will be ignorant people in the world. Uneducated humans; some by choice, some by circumstance. That is not the most important issue.

The crux of this problem lies in our willingness to learn or laze in ignorance and stupidity. Who wants to deal with people who refuse to understand or strive to solve problems through their own effort? If you are sane, sensible and virtuous, you will observe in amazement, at the obvious stupidity in your fellow humans.

Is it ethically wrong to be ignorant? I believe so. In maintaining ignorance, you affect your fellow humans in negative ways. ‘How?’ you may ask. People who refuse to learn are immature at the most fundamental level, acting like a child. They expect things to be thrust upon them as if they are self-righteous. They expect the world to revolve around them, almost as if they are babies waiting to be fed by their parents.

No one in human history or present, has such a right. No one is that self-deserving or self-righteous. In life, we must progress through our own effort. Why should we help those people who refuse to put in their own effort? Life is about the survival of the fittest: in other words, those who are willing to do what it takes to survive.

Ignorant people have voted Donald Trump into the White House. Ignorance serves the self-interests of myopic people. Those people reap whatever short-term gains they receive. Ignorant people separated Britain from the EU. Such pride fuels nationalism which fundamentally challenges the unification of the world. This ideal is therefore impossible, considering our human nature.

There are those who strive and reach for the stars. Einstein, Sagan, Musk. They did all they can for the benefit of humanity. But that very same humanity, that they strove to give to – do the ignorant part of us deserve such greatness? Is such knowledge our right to know?

You may argue that freedom is one of our rights as humans. Is freedom an excuse for humans to do whatever they want? Even if it harms your fellow humans, is it still your right to use freedom as your scape-goat? I disagree. Freedom is merely an excuse. Freedom is a privilege, not a right. If we can show respect for everything, then I would say, you have earned your freedom. It is not thrust upon you.

Education is therefore the answer. We must educate those people. However, what do we do with the ones who refuse to learn? In their self-righteousness, they deny the very gift we want to share. It is in their selfishness, do they reject our love. If they do not contribute to humanity, and live parasitically off our hard-work, what reason is there for them to continue residing amongst us humans?


Such humans are pests. Parasites. They do not deserve to be part of our community. If people refuse to learn, society stagnates. We must all help contribute to the benefit of all. The tree that grows tallest has the least branches.

We must cut out the useless ones. We do not require them, we do not need them and above all, these roaches are the ones responsible for the world’s deterioration.

Round these people up and give them a choice. Either help or leave. We have no need of useless people. They can be thrown into the wilderness until they learn to survive. Otherwise, they can perish at their own expense.

Ignorance must be exterminated. The very idea and people must be destroyed. It may even be necessary to consider genocide as a solution, even if you believe its incorrect to do so.

However, it is the ends, not the means to a problem that is most effective. We will shoulder the burden to end this madness with a mad method.


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