Obesity Is An Ethical Issue

‘My weight is my own business.’

‘Real women have curves.’

‘I’m full figured and proud of it!’

We hear these comments all the time everywhere we go, whether it is online or in person or even amongst friends. We encourage people to be more confident with who they are. This is not inherently wrong – in fact, I share this view. However, what we should not be doing is to validate or even say it’s okay to be fat or obese.

Many people do not understand or see the implications of people being obese. Our society is getting fatter, especially amongst the richer countries. However, even middle-class and poor families are also becoming obese at an alarming rate, due to cheap fast-foods.

Existing as an obese person is ethically incorrect. One must strive with all their might to lose enough mass to a respectable weight where it will not affect other human beings.

Currently, due to obese people, they have sent ripples across various sectors of our daily lifestyles.

Obese people increase public transport costs. They increase costs of fuel, thus contributing to the global warming effect. Obese people increase taxpayer dollars. Hospitals and morgues are required to spend even more on stronger beds, bigger beds and bigger refrigerators to store the dead. More resources are required to maintain a larger person, as the laws of nature dictates. If we did not have obese people, the U.S government would not have to waste $127 billion in the healthcare sector. Instead that money can offset other problems that we have in the world.

Being obese is not a human right. Unless an obese person can responsibly share the economic load amongst his/her fellow human beings, it is ethically wrong to remain obese.

Apart from solutions as emphasising exercise as the key, we can start taxing cheap fast-foods to discourage such people to eating unhealthily. First and foremost, diet is more important in weight loss and maintaining one’s health.

Some say, ‘some of those people can’t help it.’ Note that, majority of obese people do not suffer from such genetic conditions. Even so, it is always a choice to decide whether one wants to remain obese or to help benefit humanity itself. For the genetically affected, the rest of us should endeavour to help these people to losing weight.

Thus, I vehemently disagree with any person that supports or even glorifies obesity. Obesity is not a human right. Such thoughts must be extinguished.


‘Orandum est ut sit mens sana in corpore sano.’ – Roman poet, Juvenal.

Translation: ‘You should pray for a healthy mind in a healthy body.’


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  1. I think the problem is there are two sides of obesity that get lumped together that really shouldn’t: attractiveness vs health. People grab on to the easy to see side and say “I like my curves,” ignoring the health aspects of increased blood pressure, diabetes, stamina, etc. I think part of the problem is doctor communication skills. I’ve never had a doctor effectively explain to me what losing weight would make me feel, just spat numbers at me and said “you’ll get those down.” But now that I’m losing weight, I feel how easy it is to climb the stairs or lift my kids or take a walk… I didn’t know I was sick until I wasn’t sick anymore.

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