Give No Quarter – Pt. 3

“I am the punishment of God… if you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.” – Genghis Khan

In the quest of conquering countries, any enemies you face must be crushed completely in order to prevent any uprisings or future rebellions.

Cripple the system based on society’s necessities. First, divide the world. Globalisation has allowed countries to form alliances and treaties, or even becoming close friends economically and politically. However, each country and every human act only according to what they need. No country on this planet is self-sufficient in order to maintain their population and prevent anarchy. The order we currently possess is a guardian against anarchy that could sprout at any uncertain moment.

Thus, the first step is to knock out satellite connections. Sow the seeds of chaos as a surprise attack. Even gods cannot defend against unexpected ambushes. Without satellite, planes, ships, the military, the government and the people are effectively paralysed within their own countries. Keep in mind, there may be some emergency land lines within some countries that will allow them to coordinate. It will be near impossible to prevent this, but pay this no heed.

The second step is to cut power stations. This will range from electrical power plants, hydro power plants, coal power plants, etc. It is more effective to destroy these plants physically rather than hacking into the network. This way, it will prevent the country itself from launching a counter offensive if they are preoccupied with civil unrest. Many will be demanding food and water for their families. Friendships and relationships will be broken amongst neighbours and anarchy will erupt.

I admit that nuclear power plants are very dangerous and possess the potential for widespread radiation pollution. However, you must destroy these as well. Give them no quarter or a place to hide and recuperate.

After power has been cut, water supply need to be either destroyed or contaminated. This way, the people will be sick or thirsty, thus creating stronger unrest. Countries love their people with much devotion and value each citizen’s lives highly. This will make your threats more powerful. Do not utterly destroy everything just yet. However, it is inevitable that some governments will not stand for this. The U.S military might are still a threat to your goals. Thus, repay them the respect of no mercy. They show no mercy in negotiations when they kill, thus it is only fair and just that you do so yourself.

Crush any enemies completely, and capture the rest for your cause. Maintain their fear of you, and you will have peace amongst them.

The third step is to destroy the symbols of each country. Bomb their capital cities and completely raze it to the ground. It should be done neutrally and without emotion. Recruit any sympathisers to your cause for it will increase your strength. Beware of any traitors amongst your ranks, thus stress importance upon loyalty. Any traitors will be immediately eliminated.

Furthermore, reduce the effectiveness of money. By your destruction of cities, money will have become meaningless. Luxury and good houses will hold no purpose when survival is the primary goal. Humans will destroy themselves without much effort.

Any person that steps up the role of a leader must also be destroyed. Keep the masses divided and weak. Present yourself as the one person that they need to survive. Treat any defectors well, and ensure them a comfortable and content life.




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