Conquer The World Pt. 2 – The Beginning

Like the Leopard 2, you must first scout the enemy. Locate them. Probe for weaknesses. If your gun cannot penetrate their armour, you wait for your own bigger guns to bring them down.

Do not heedlessly fight with your pride. Instead, wage war under the guidance of Reason. Rational decisions almost always yield better results than brash, prideful cavalry charges. Patience is key.

The tactics of war have not changed, merely the context. Our knowledge of past wars will be useful in present times as well.

Please be mindful that this is merely a thought experiment – not an actual plan to place the world under one’s beneficial dictatorship. Furthermore, this idea is based on practicality, not on ideals. To put it bluntly, it is the ends, not the means.


Now, the modern world’s real power lies in seats of real power – a person with absolute power. As we live in a democracy (almost all the world does), it will be impossible to achieve true power in such a system. People will always argue and progress will stagnate.

Instead, we require a singular leader who wields power that meets no resistance from no government. Orders are to be followed without fail, and thus efficiency.

Absolute obedience from all mankind and thus the suppression of free will. The person who undertakes such a role of conquering the world will sacrifice his or her morals and all standards of virtues.

It is entirely possible to appear to be a benefactor of the world. Even so, it is provides greater advantages if one provides the appearance of a virtuous man. To live by truth, honesty and courage. A leader who provides transparency above all else.

Of course, this will not truly be the case. It is nigh impossible for a man to conquer the world and remain virtuous. Attaining absolute power will lead to corruption of even the most noble of men.

The reasoning behind power corrupting men lies in their emotions. One of the most important is love. Love makes people blind and weak. Should a thief hold a gun to your loved one’s head and demands your money, love compels you to hand over your wallet and relinquish the thief. Your loved one is alive at the cost of some pocket change.

You may say, is that not a fair trade? I entirely agree, in this context. However, I will now present another situation. The same person demands you to hand over the codes of nuclear warheads, otherwise all your family and loved ones will be killed. Would you hand over to his demands?

The mental struggle you are feeling now hinges upon the greatest good versus thanatophobia – the fear of losing your loved ones. What is the correct choice? What should you choose?

Consider the first choice: you hand over the codes and your family goes free. You have saved the family but doomed the world. You may wonder, is this right? You have yielded power to your enemy, and thus reinforcing his strength.

The second choice is to sacrifice your family in order to prevent the destruction of the world. I believe this is the choice you must be ready to make in order to proceed down the bloody road of world domination. It is the ends, not the means, that matters more.

Consider the consequences and make a rational decision based on your information.

“Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” – J. Robert Oppenheimer








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