How To Conquer The World – Pt. 1

In each of our bustling lives everyday, we rarely stop for a moment and think about the problems that plague the world today.

Even despite our donations to charity, our fundraising events for cancer or our advocacy of equal rights for all humans, as a normal human being, I seriously doubt that the majority of us truly care.

Selfishness is an inherent part of human nature. A person may appear selfless or act selfless for their own feel-good feeling. Is that not selfish in its own way?

A thought popped into my mind today as I cycled through the many various struggles we face today. It is not merely the incompetent politicians that are running this world into the ground, but also the greed of mining companies and investment banks that continue to physically ruin the world. The protests that do not just exist in America, but also in France and in the Netherlands due to their ongoing elections. Immigrants, pollution, expensive drugs and healthcare, the new generation…

It almost seems impossible to solve everything, doesn’t it? Famine in Yemen and Sudan to the lack of water in Kenya to animals going extinct at alarming rates.

The few out of the sea of problems that I have listed already require Herculean efforts to even tackle one. Is it possible to expend resources and manpower to such causes? One might say probably no as everything is finite. We cannot help everyone because we do not have the capacity to do so.

The question then lies in, if we do not spend our time tackling such problems, then what should we be spending our time on instead?

I digress.

The thought that struck me today was that, we as humans are fighting battles on many fronts. If anything that history has taught us is: never fight wars you can’t win. Especially if you do not have more men than the opponent. In essence, having more resources than necessary to ensure a victory.

You might argue that resources are not everything in order to win battles. However, we are waging a war of attrition. Tactics alone will not win the war unless the general can maintain his army. That requires food, water – resources.

If we place this into today’s context, each country cares truly only for its own nation and its wellbeing. We have seen attempts of unification such as the E.U and the USA – but we have North Korea, Islam extremists and Russia who are still bent on nationalism. That alone will not unite the world – no matter how hard we try.

Thus I propose an idea: in order to solve the world’s problems, it is necessary that the world unifies under a single system.

“Better one bad general than two good ones.” – Napoleon



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