Ignorance May Be Bliss. But We Must Destroy It.

It is inevitable that there will be ignorant people in the world. Uneducated humans; some by choice, some by circumstance. That is not the most important issue.

The crux of this problem lies in our willingness to learn or laze in ignorance and stupidity. Who wants to deal with people who refuse to understand or strive to solve problems through their own effort? If you are sane, sensible and virtuous, you will observe in amazement, at the obvious stupidity in your fellow humans.

Is it ethically wrong to be ignorant? I believe so. In maintaining ignorance, you affect your fellow humans in negative ways. ‘How?’ you may ask. People who refuse to learn are immature at the most fundamental level, acting like a child. They expect things to be thrust upon them as if they are self-righteous. They expect the world to revolve around them, almost as if they are babies waiting to be fed by their parents.

No one in human history or present, has such a right. No one is that self-deserving or self-righteous. In life, we must progress through our own effort. Why should we help those people who refuse to put in their own effort? Life is about the survival of the fittest: in other words, those who are willing to do what it takes to survive.

Ignorant people have voted Donald Trump into the White House. Ignorance serves the self-interests of myopic people. Those people reap whatever short-term gains they receive. Ignorant people separated Britain from the EU. Such pride fuels nationalism which fundamentally challenges the unification of the world. This ideal is therefore impossible, considering our human nature.

There are those who strive and reach for the stars. Einstein, Sagan, Musk. They did all they can for the benefit of humanity. But that very same humanity, that they strove to give to – do the ignorant part of us deserve such greatness? Is such knowledge our right to know?

You may argue that freedom is one of our rights as humans. Is freedom an excuse for humans to do whatever they want? Even if it harms your fellow humans, is it still your right to use freedom as your scape-goat? I disagree. Freedom is merely an excuse. Freedom is a privilege, not a right. If we can show respect for everything, then I would say, you have earned your freedom. It is not thrust upon you.

Education is therefore the answer. We must educate those people. However, what do we do with the ones who refuse to learn? In their self-righteousness, they deny the very gift we want to share. It is in their selfishness, do they reject our love. If they do not contribute to humanity, and live parasitically off our hard-work, what reason is there for them to continue residing amongst us humans?


Such humans are pests. Parasites. They do not deserve to be part of our community. If people refuse to learn, society stagnates. We must all help contribute to the benefit of all. The tree that grows tallest has the least branches.

We must cut out the useless ones. We do not require them, we do not need them and above all, these roaches are the ones responsible for the world’s deterioration.

Round these people up and give them a choice. Either help or leave. We have no need of useless people. They can be thrown into the wilderness until they learn to survive. Otherwise, they can perish at their own expense.

Ignorance must be exterminated. The very idea and people must be destroyed. It may even be necessary to consider genocide as a solution, even if you believe its incorrect to do so.

However, it is the ends, not the means to a problem that is most effective. We will shoulder the burden to end this madness with a mad method.


Obesity Is An Ethical Issue

‘My weight is my own business.’

‘Real women have curves.’

‘I’m full figured and proud of it!’

We hear these comments all the time everywhere we go, whether it is online or in person or even amongst friends. We encourage people to be more confident with who they are. This is not inherently wrong – in fact, I share this view. However, what we should not be doing is to validate or even say it’s okay to be fat or obese.

Many people do not understand or see the implications of people being obese. Our society is getting fatter, especially amongst the richer countries. However, even middle-class and poor families are also becoming obese at an alarming rate, due to cheap fast-foods.

Existing as an obese person is ethically incorrect. One must strive with all their might to lose enough mass to a respectable weight where it will not affect other human beings.

Currently, due to obese people, they have sent ripples across various sectors of our daily lifestyles.

Obese people increase public transport costs. They increase costs of fuel, thus contributing to the global warming effect. Obese people increase taxpayer dollars. Hospitals and morgues are required to spend even more on stronger beds, bigger beds and bigger refrigerators to store the dead. More resources are required to maintain a larger person, as the laws of nature dictates. If we did not have obese people, the U.S government would not have to waste $127 billion in the healthcare sector. Instead that money can offset other problems that we have in the world.

Being obese is not a human right. Unless an obese person can responsibly share the economic load amongst his/her fellow human beings, it is ethically wrong to remain obese.

Apart from solutions as emphasising exercise as the key, we can start taxing cheap fast-foods to discourage such people to eating unhealthily. First and foremost, diet is more important in weight loss and maintaining one’s health.

Some say, ‘some of those people can’t help it.’ Note that, majority of obese people do not suffer from such genetic conditions. Even so, it is always a choice to decide whether one wants to remain obese or to help benefit humanity itself. For the genetically affected, the rest of us should endeavour to help these people to losing weight.

Thus, I vehemently disagree with any person that supports or even glorifies obesity. Obesity is not a human right. Such thoughts must be extinguished.


‘Orandum est ut sit mens sana in corpore sano.’ – Roman poet, Juvenal.

Translation: ‘You should pray for a healthy mind in a healthy body.’

Give No Quarter – Pt. 3

“I am the punishment of God… if you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.” – Genghis Khan

In the quest of conquering countries, any enemies you face must be crushed completely in order to prevent any uprisings or future rebellions.

Cripple the system based on society’s necessities. First, divide the world. Globalisation has allowed countries to form alliances and treaties, or even becoming close friends economically and politically. However, each country and every human act only according to what they need. No country on this planet is self-sufficient in order to maintain their population and prevent anarchy. The order we currently possess is a guardian against anarchy that could sprout at any uncertain moment.

Thus, the first step is to knock out satellite connections. Sow the seeds of chaos as a surprise attack. Even gods cannot defend against unexpected ambushes. Without satellite, planes, ships, the military, the government and the people are effectively paralysed within their own countries. Keep in mind, there may be some emergency land lines within some countries that will allow them to coordinate. It will be near impossible to prevent this, but pay this no heed.

The second step is to cut power stations. This will range from electrical power plants, hydro power plants, coal power plants, etc. It is more effective to destroy these plants physically rather than hacking into the network. This way, it will prevent the country itself from launching a counter offensive if they are preoccupied with civil unrest. Many will be demanding food and water for their families. Friendships and relationships will be broken amongst neighbours and anarchy will erupt.

I admit that nuclear power plants are very dangerous and possess the potential for widespread radiation pollution. However, you must destroy these as well. Give them no quarter or a place to hide and recuperate.

After power has been cut, water supply need to be either destroyed or contaminated. This way, the people will be sick or thirsty, thus creating stronger unrest. Countries love their people with much devotion and value each citizen’s lives highly. This will make your threats more powerful. Do not utterly destroy everything just yet. However, it is inevitable that some governments will not stand for this. The U.S military might are still a threat to your goals. Thus, repay them the respect of no mercy. They show no mercy in negotiations when they kill, thus it is only fair and just that you do so yourself.

Crush any enemies completely, and capture the rest for your cause. Maintain their fear of you, and you will have peace amongst them.

The third step is to destroy the symbols of each country. Bomb their capital cities and completely raze it to the ground. It should be done neutrally and without emotion. Recruit any sympathisers to your cause for it will increase your strength. Beware of any traitors amongst your ranks, thus stress importance upon loyalty. Any traitors will be immediately eliminated.

Furthermore, reduce the effectiveness of money. By your destruction of cities, money will have become meaningless. Luxury and good houses will hold no purpose when survival is the primary goal. Humans will destroy themselves without much effort.

Any person that steps up the role of a leader must also be destroyed. Keep the masses divided and weak. Present yourself as the one person that they need to survive. Treat any defectors well, and ensure them a comfortable and content life.



Conquer The World Pt. 2 – The Beginning

Like the Leopard 2, you must first scout the enemy. Locate them. Probe for weaknesses. If your gun cannot penetrate their armour, you wait for your own bigger guns to bring them down.

Do not heedlessly fight with your pride. Instead, wage war under the guidance of Reason. Rational decisions almost always yield better results than brash, prideful cavalry charges. Patience is key.

The tactics of war have not changed, merely the context. Our knowledge of past wars will be useful in present times as well.

Please be mindful that this is merely a thought experiment – not an actual plan to place the world under one’s beneficial dictatorship. Furthermore, this idea is based on practicality, not on ideals. To put it bluntly, it is the ends, not the means.


Now, the modern world’s real power lies in seats of real power – a person with absolute power. As we live in a democracy (almost all the world does), it will be impossible to achieve true power in such a system. People will always argue and progress will stagnate.

Instead, we require a singular leader who wields power that meets no resistance from no government. Orders are to be followed without fail, and thus efficiency.

Absolute obedience from all mankind and thus the suppression of free will. The person who undertakes such a role of conquering the world will sacrifice his or her morals and all standards of virtues.

It is entirely possible to appear to be a benefactor of the world. Even so, it is provides greater advantages if one provides the appearance of a virtuous man. To live by truth, honesty and courage. A leader who provides transparency above all else.

Of course, this will not truly be the case. It is nigh impossible for a man to conquer the world and remain virtuous. Attaining absolute power will lead to corruption of even the most noble of men.

The reasoning behind power corrupting men lies in their emotions. One of the most important is love. Love makes people blind and weak. Should a thief hold a gun to your loved one’s head and demands your money, love compels you to hand over your wallet and relinquish the thief. Your loved one is alive at the cost of some pocket change.

You may say, is that not a fair trade? I entirely agree, in this context. However, I will now present another situation. The same person demands you to hand over the codes of nuclear warheads, otherwise all your family and loved ones will be killed. Would you hand over to his demands?

The mental struggle you are feeling now hinges upon the greatest good versus thanatophobia – the fear of losing your loved ones. What is the correct choice? What should you choose?

Consider the first choice: you hand over the codes and your family goes free. You have saved the family but doomed the world. You may wonder, is this right? You have yielded power to your enemy, and thus reinforcing his strength.

The second choice is to sacrifice your family in order to prevent the destruction of the world. I believe this is the choice you must be ready to make in order to proceed down the bloody road of world domination. It is the ends, not the means, that matters more.

Consider the consequences and make a rational decision based on your information.

“Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” – J. Robert Oppenheimer







How To Conquer The World – Pt. 1

In each of our bustling lives everyday, we rarely stop for a moment and think about the problems that plague the world today.

Even despite our donations to charity, our fundraising events for cancer or our advocacy of equal rights for all humans, as a normal human being, I seriously doubt that the majority of us truly care.

Selfishness is an inherent part of human nature. A person may appear selfless or act selfless for their own feel-good feeling. Is that not selfish in its own way?

A thought popped into my mind today as I cycled through the many various struggles we face today. It is not merely the incompetent politicians that are running this world into the ground, but also the greed of mining companies and investment banks that continue to physically ruin the world. The protests that do not just exist in America, but also in France and in the Netherlands due to their ongoing elections. Immigrants, pollution, expensive drugs and healthcare, the new generation…

It almost seems impossible to solve everything, doesn’t it? Famine in Yemen and Sudan to the lack of water in Kenya to animals going extinct at alarming rates.

The few out of the sea of problems that I have listed already require Herculean efforts to even tackle one. Is it possible to expend resources and manpower to such causes? One might say probably no as everything is finite. We cannot help everyone because we do not have the capacity to do so.

The question then lies in, if we do not spend our time tackling such problems, then what should we be spending our time on instead?

I digress.

The thought that struck me today was that, we as humans are fighting battles on many fronts. If anything that history has taught us is: never fight wars you can’t win. Especially if you do not have more men than the opponent. In essence, having more resources than necessary to ensure a victory.

You might argue that resources are not everything in order to win battles. However, we are waging a war of attrition. Tactics alone will not win the war unless the general can maintain his army. That requires food, water – resources.

If we place this into today’s context, each country cares truly only for its own nation and its wellbeing. We have seen attempts of unification such as the E.U and the USA – but we have North Korea, Islam extremists and Russia who are still bent on nationalism. That alone will not unite the world – no matter how hard we try.

Thus I propose an idea: in order to solve the world’s problems, it is necessary that the world unifies under a single system.

“Better one bad general than two good ones.” – Napoleon


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